Intensivist Program of the Rio Grande Valley

Valley Baptist Medical Center’s Intensivists

An intensivist is a physician that provides intensive care, such as in an Intensive Care Unit. At Valley Baptist Medical Center, our Intensivist Program ensures that if you ever have a serious sickness or injury, you will have the quality care and individualized attention that you need to get started towards recovery.

Specializing in critical care medicine, our intensivists are skilled with treating the most serious conditions such as dialysis for failing kidneys, ventilation for breathing support and pacemaker placement for heart conditions. With dedicated facilities designed just for intensive care, our intensivists have the advanced technology and resources needed to diagnose and to treat the most serious conditions.

With intensivist programs at both of our facilities – Harlingen and Brownsville, TX – we will be able to offer the life-supporting care that you need, right when you need it. Call us today for more information at (888) 355-7952.